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    It’s fresh and regional.
    Welcome to Taste of the North

Who We Are

Taste of the North is rooted in the ambition of a young business student, Eric Frechette, who sold impeccably fresh, savory strawberries door to door to help fund his education. When Eric completed his business degree, he returned to those roots—supplying fresh produce grown and delivered with great care to merchants, grocers, and wholesalers across New England. Today, Taste of the North has become a known and trusted name in a wide range of fresh produce—hydroponics, field grown, and organics.

Offering a wide range of fresh produce

We’re known for our beautiful vine-ripened tomatoes (hydroponic, organic), bell peppers, English cucumbers (hydroponic, organic) as well as strawberries, wild and cultivated blueberries and a wide range of seasonal vegetables from growers across Quebec. We only ship into our region and that means the freshest possible produce for your customers.