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Taste of the North is part of the UVP Group; a collection of fresh companies dedicated to bringing the New York/New England region the finest and freshest possible produce, meat, cheese/dairy and seafood every day. As part of this effort we are working in the new program called “Regionally Responsible” or RR<250. The USDA “local” rule states that if a product is grown or produced within the states borders or 400 miles that it is considered “local”. We are implementing a “Regionally Responsible” sourcing program that will be designated by our Gold Seal. Our production facilities here in Quebec fall within the dedicated 250 mile zone from Upper Valley Produce’s facility in White River Junction, Vermont. We are taking steps to help the overall group develop the industry first branding program for all fresh products sourced from within these parameters. You will know that our product is “Regionally Responsible” by the RR<250 distinction on the invoice and the gold seal on the box. As a group we are uniquely qualified to bring this industry first program to you-

  1. Taste of the North sources almost all of its products from within our RR<250 region.
  2. Upper Valley Produce is a regional supplier (we only serve our region, we are not from Houston, Texas or LaCrosse, Wisconsin).
  3. Vermont Hydroponic Produce is a regionally responsible company growing and sourcing tomatoes within our region.
  4. is our web-based local produce sourcing site designed to help retailers and institutional buyers access our network of GAP certified regional growers.
  5. Robie Farms is our exclusive Beef, Pork and Lamb supplier, located in Piermont, NH and only sourcing from our region.
  6. Steve Connolly Seafood, our exclusive seafood partner has a full line of sustainably sourced seafood from within our 250 mile Regionally Responsible zone.

Regionally Responsible sourcing, creating a more food secure region right here in New England.

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